Personalised Wellness Training and Workshops by a CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST in Australia

Personalised Wellness Training and Workshops by a

consultant psychiatrist

Welcome To Mindspeak

Twelve years ago, Dr Shiva Gunapu (Shiva), the founder of Mindspeak, found himself at the crossroads of clinical work and organisational mental health. He saw several referrals for injured employees every week at his psychiatric practice. He witnessed employee stress and employer frustration in his work as an Independent Medical Examiner and a Medical Adviser with Attorney General’s Department in South Australia. Inside and outside the courts, and in his clinical practice, he often wondered if all the emotional pain and grief could be prevented by intervening early and focusing on workplace wellbeing. Dr Gunapu knew that his expert knowledge and extensive experience in the field could positively contribute to those in need. Mindspeak was a result of a desire to create a wellness training platform in Australia for organisations and their employees.

Through the teaching of resilience and positive thinking techniques as well as skills for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, our workplace mental health training and workshops give employees a constructive and proactive way to look after their mental health.
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Gold Services

Practical Actionable Knowledge is Gold.

We have learnt and understood what works for wellbeing and optimum mental health after interviewing thousands of employees and hundreds of employers. The workshops focus on what works in the real world.

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Free Consultation

Mindspeak research and content team in Australia have put their heart into creating wellbeing solutions. We would love to help you (and/or your organisation).

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free consultation or ask to set up a meeting with Dr Gunapu.

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Customised Plans

Every organisation is unique and has specific requirements. So should any training plan be!

To get started, simply call, or send us an email. The first consultancy costs are on the house. Yes, this is how much we love to design wellbeing plans!

Research Summary

A Survey of 43 Countries Shows that 2 In 3 People Believe Their Workplace Has an Extremely Negative Effect on Their Mental Health.

Financial Times

Only 56% of Employees believed that Employer considered Mentally Healthy Workplaces were important.

Beyond Blue

Skills Training which assists with work and self-care is 76.4% effective.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The 92% of serious work-related mental health claims are attributed to work-related mental stress.

Safe Work Australia

Work-Related Mental Health

Here at My Mindspeak, we offer corporate-wellness programs that improve staff members’ mental health, productivity, and job contentment – available for all workplaces.

Employers are becoming more and more aware of the many advantages of teaching their staff how to better support one another and foster a psychologically secure work environment. The main causes of impairment in our workforce are unsupported individuals and unresolved mental health issues. The term “disability” refers to prolonged absences from work, decreased productivity, and long-term health problems, all of which have an adverse effect on workplace morale, employee retention, and worker’s compensation claims.

We specialise in offering workplace mental health training and workshops to organisations working to foster and uphold a climate where employees or members feel free to discuss and seek assistance for any mental health problems they may be dealing with. Our clients leave feeling better – able to identify when they and others may be experiencing mental health issues and how to find the support they need.

If you want to learn how you can lessen the effects of these problems on you, your team, and the organisation, it’s time for you to look for an agency that has a consultant psychiatrist and psychologist focusing on providing the best workplace injury prevention services.

Why Choose Mindspeak?

In addition to public and private businesses, we also have the best psychiatrist and psychologist providing face-to-face mental health training to government departments and agencies, high schools, not-for-profit organisations, and community groups. Delivering training that is specifically suited to the context, requirements, and participants of your organisation is our main goal.

We constantly engage in providing mental health assistance, and we do things properly according to our clients’ needs. Our workplace mental health training and workshops are led by a consultant psychiatrist and psychologist with a special combination of administrative and clinical abilities. We also conduct effective training that helps employees become more engaged and have better working conditions.

Find out how to set up an on-site training program for your staff by getting in touch with us right now.

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