Psychiatric injuries profoundly affect a person’s life and the lives of those who are close to them. Wide-ranging effects may impact the person at home, society, and even at work. That’s why it’s important to get workplace injury prevention services to support your employees with the mental health management they need.


Unlike a broken limb – visible, understood, and treated – a psychiatric injury can take months to manifest and is frequently challenging to identify and cure.

My Mindspeak offers workplace injury prevention services in Australia to companies and organisations and will work closely with you through every stage of the process because we understand that each person’s experience with an injury is unique.


If you find yourself increasingly pessimistic, fatigued, and overwhelmed at work and home, it’s quite possible you have either early signs of burnout or in the depths of burnout.

Any problem or sickness that affects your mood, feelings, thoughts, or behaviour brought on by your job is work-related psychological or mental damage.

As a people manager, you can prevent burnout within yourself and your team with workplace injury management services. Dr. Gunapu, founder of Mindspeak, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to break down psychiatric jargon into easily understandable concepts through a popular, practical, and easily oversubscribed workshops.

The workshop will take you through a deeper understanding of burnout and its subtle or more obvious signs. It goes through ideas and plans which you can use in your individual workspace, as well as general principles for preventing burnout.

It also captures Dr Gunapu’s wealth of experience, training, education on the prevention of burnout, and management of people with burnout as he talks about the negative long-term outcomes of burnout, how it manifests, and the masquerading nature of its presentation.


This workshop was designed to satisfy the curiosity and demand from injury management sections, people, and culture departments to provide a simplified understanding of psychiatric diagnoses and their assessment processes.

Here, you’ll learn how psychiatric conditions brought by physical, verbal, or mental injuries develop in a work environment. By registering with our workplace injury management services in Australia, your employees will be able to enhance their skills and knowledge, and how to manage an evolving psychiatric situation.

The workshop will go through various practical scenarios and real-life examples to examine how to prevent psychiatric injuries from progressing and how to best manage the situation. It will also emphasise how you and your employees can benefit from workplace injury prevention and management services in mitigating risks at work.

You can register for our upcoming workshops here.


Our psychiatrists and psychologists in Australia are aware of the struggles you are going through.

My Mindspeak provides a free initial consultation with no commitment. For your peace of mind, we are pleased to talk to you.

Our goal is to assist you as we provide the best workplace injury prevention services. Call us at 08 83447936 or send us an email at [email protected].

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