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 Workshops – What to expect?

In the last 21 years, I have met several people who have told m­e they would like to hear from a psychiatrist about how to look after one’s wellbeing. People have asked me how to be happy, in flow, be productive, manage tough conversations and people. These workshops will cover issues that matter for your wellbeing and resilience.

You are at the right place if you are looking for workshops in Australia that are worth investing time in.

You can expect the following:

  • We will break every useful concept into small bits of easy information.
  • The workshops are held in professional learning spaces.
  • Mindspeak will walk you through the steps in an interesting format.
  • You will enjoy the multimedia content, role play by trainer and actors, demonstration by experts, and group exercises. You will enjoy the multimedia content, role play by trainer and actors, demonstration by experts, and group exercises.
  • The workshops will provide take-home information and workbooks for further learning.

Overall it would be time well spent investing in your wellbeing.


Welcome to our Workshops





Online workshops can be arranged.


Do you have anxiety that is not apparent to others? Maybe you have become good at masking it.

Are you considered a good performer or a high achiever in your chosen field of work? That’s the great part. However, you struggle with this hidden anxiety.

When this happens, often burnout is a consequence.

The workshop is geared for someone who thinks they have anxiety, or their team member’s colleagues are going through problems. This workshop is for people who struggle with relaxing easily and have difficulty switching off.

Dr Gunapu will bring his vast experience and provide his insight on how to address high functioning anxiety in Australia. A user-friendly format and with pragmatic strategies to overcome high functioning anxiety.


Escaping Burnout Workshop in Australia

If you find yourself increasingly pessimistic, fatigued and overwhelmed at work and home, it’s quite possible you have either early signs of burnout or in the depths of burnout.

This workshop captures Dr Gunapu’s wealth of experience training, education on prevention of burnout and management of people with burnout.

In this workshop, Dr Gunapu will talk about the negative long-term outcomes of burnout, how it manifests, and the masquerading nature of its presentation.

As a leader or as a people manager you could prevent burnout in yourself and in your team. The workshop will take you through a deeper understanding of burnout, and the subtle or more obvious signs. The workshop about escaping burnout in Australia goes through ideas and plans which you can use in your individual workspace, as well as general principles of preventing burnout.

Please register for an upcoming workshop.


Secrets of psychiatric injury

This psychiatric injury workshop in Australia will provide insights on how psychiatric conditions develop in a work context. Participants will enhance their skills and knowledge, and how to manage an evolving psychiatric situation.

Participants will enhance their skills and knowledge in how to manage an evolving psychiatric situation. The workshop will go through various practical scenarios and real-life examples to examine how to prevent psychiatric injuries from progressing and how to best manage the situation.

The workshop will discuss science-backed strategies which can be put in place to mitigate risks.

Dr Gunapu will bring his first-hand experience in preventing and managing work injuries.


Psychiatric Diagnosis for Injury Management in australia

This niche workshop is about understanding the psychiatric assessment process and psychiatric diagnoses. This workshop was designed to satisfy the curiosity and demand from injury management sections, people and culture departments to provide a simplified understanding of psychiatric assessment and diagnostic processes.

Dr Gunapu brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to break down the psychiatric jargon into easily understandable concepts. The workshop is popular, practical and easily oversubscribed.

Please book your seats.

101 Platinum Services

Mindspeak understands that you are a leader who has seen it all (or most of it). You know you are adept at what you do.

You want to take a deeper dive into understanding yourself, and the people around you.

This is your chance to talk to a consultant organisational psychiatrist in Australia in a setting of your choice. Shiva can meet you in your office, for a breakfast meeting if you prefer, or a walk and talk meeting at a location of your choice can be organised too. Your choice. Your agenda.

Dr Gunapu (Shiva) is able to meet you on the day, time and location of your choice. All conversations are confidential and trustworthy.

This is your rare chance to ask questions about: leadership, personalities, visions, human nature, values, and building your own legacy. Ask Dr Gunapu (Shiva) about workplace challenges, personal stories, burnout, or life in general.

You are the sort of person who wants someone to cut through all the conflicting information and make sense of it all.

Featured Services

Featured services are the popular services which have been developed after a decade of discussions with people, managers and organisations. 

Includes :

  • Speed Workshops
  • Work Culture Evolution Services
  • Robust Resilience Services
  • Pre- Mortem Services
  • Post- Mortem Services
  • On-Boarding Concept and Planning Services

Mindspeak offers 90 minutes speed workshops for organisations who want to look after people wellbeing with minimum disruption to the working day.

Robust Resilience Services help you quantify and measure resilience, and offer customised training unique to each organisation.

Work Culture Enhancement and Evolution Services for teams and organisations are a much asked for feature of the Mindspeak platform.

The pre-mortem services help make predictions before things go wrong, whereas the post-mortem services make sense of events; when things have already gone wrong.

Wellbeing Capsules
A series of videos which cover the most important areas of wellbeing.

Simple language and short videos which you can use towards achieving wellbeing.

Watch, understand and act.

Uncomplicated videos which offer great value and benefit.

In House Training And Ongoing Support Services in Australia

Mindspeak can design a training program to cover wellbeing, communication, and mental health related mandatory training needs of your organisation.

Do you want us to be your long term in-house training partner?

Are there topics and training modules you want us to take care of?

Do you want us to support your employees on an ongoing basis ?

Mindspeak can offer you stable solutions for the long term.

You are probably the type of leader who wants to have deeper insights into work and people. Shiva (Dr. Gunapu) is available to help if you are wondering whether there are deeper individualistic issues concerning people (or) if there are deeper structural and systemic issues that contribute to unwell mental health. We are available for you, to run tests, and measure (or) utilise existing information to plan an in-house training program in Australia.

We can support your people on an ongoing basis.

Call us to discuss.

Customised Training Packages
These are made-to-order training packages.
You ask, we design and deliver.

We know you could  possibly be in an unique situation and your organisation may have a very specific problem. You may want to create a custom program which includes elements of programs  on offer on the Mindspeak platform.

  • You may want to create a custom program which includes elements of programs on offer at the Mindspeak platform.
  • You may want to create an experience appropriate for a smaller group of employees.

Mindspeak will customise as per your needs . We are certain we can fulfill your needs.

Call us for customised solutions.

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