The Birth Of Mindspeak


Dr. Shiva Gunapu (Shiva), founder of Mindspeak, observed workplace distress all around him as a medical student, as an intern, and as a psychiatry trainee. Shiva developed a keen interest in this area, which led to an increased study of research in this area to improve his own coping and resilience. Later, Shiva had to encounter workplace challenges when he became a consultant, where he had to lead medical teams and units. Shiva’s observations led to the realisation that there was a gap between what organisations needed, and what was available to them. Therefore, there were limited types of training being offered to their employees. He realised employers struggle to find consultants who are aware of organisational culture issues, and who are able to blend it with psychiatric expertise. Shiva thought: ‘there must be a way to solve and prevent all of this. What if this issue could be overcome? What if I bridged the knowledge gap? What if I start a platform which offers workshops and training? What if organisations acted early? What if organisational culture factors are built into the training?’ Through these experiences, Mindspeak was born in 2021. Mindspeak’s mission is earnest; to provide a platform to organisations and their employees, wherein they can have access to workshops, training, and other content to assist them with mental wellbeing and work culture matters in Australia.

Mindspeak aims to be the best provider of mental wellbeing services in Australia. Mindspeak’s approach equips businesses, organisations and their employees with training which builds resilience and the mental wellbeing of teams and individuals. Workplace wellbeing designed and delivered by a psychiatrist in Australia.

Shiva was surprised to find that the current available services were focused on work injury and dealing with litigation, rather than services which were committed to applying preventative measures before workplace injuries and psychological distress could occur.

Organisations will receive customised plans from Shiva based on both the cultural dynamic of their organisation and employee readiness.

At Mindspeak, we know that we get you.
We get emotions.
We understand the subtleties and complexities of emotions.
We understand disputes and conflicts and how illnesses can evolve from them.
We understand work culture .

It is what we do, all the time. And we do it right.
Workshops and training delivered by a psychiatrist with a unique blend of organisational and clinical skills .
Effective training which guides workers to greater engagement and workplace wellbeing

We know people. We know Culture
Workplace wellbeing designed and delivered by psychiatrist in Australia
The ‘psych know how’ delivered every time !

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